Custom original music for film, TV and multimedia.

Tyler has composed and produced music for films distributed in North America, Japan, Germany
and the UK and broadcast on television in the United States and Canada.

He has created custom, original music and sound design for several top selling video games,
with millions of users worldwide.

Tyler has worked alongside many talented composers, producers and recording artists, including
Gemini Award-winning composer Rob Carli, Juno-nominated recording artist Danny Michel and
Juno Award-winning producer Rick Hutt.

His film music has been reviewed and adjucated in person by many accomplised film composers,
including Academy Award and Golden Globe Award-winner Mychael Danna and prolific Canadian
composer Leslie Barber.

Tyler is a member of many industry organizations, including The Screen Composers Guild of Canada;
The Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada and The American Society of
Composers, Authors and Publishers.