F. Tyler Shaw

"Tyler's music took our games to the next level."

-Stuart Duncan (Studio Director, EA)


"The masterful scores composed and performed by

Tyler are part in parcel with his dedication to a project."

-Reese Eveneshen (Writer/Director, "Dead Genesis")

Dead Genesis
Secret Blackheart

"Tyler is a fantastic collaborator - he understands what

the story needs musically and has the talent and skills

to deliver."

-Chris Ross (Writer/Director, "Secret Blackheart")

"It was a pleasure to work with Tyler. His music and

sound design fit perfectly with the game and helped

us create our best-selling title to date."

-Owen Goss (Game Designer, Streaming Colour Studios)

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Trade Nations
Forbidden Island
Region of Waterloo
Toronto Film Race
Bight Games
Big Top Ten
Button Mash Games and Karma Gaming
The Amorphous Mind Police Factor
Sococo Social Communications Company
Black Fawn Films